It'll bless ya

Tonight at church, I ran into a guy that comes into the grocery store I work at. Well he's deaf. So we say hello to each other and I find my seat. Come to find out in the service, Judge (his name) accepted Christ into his heart as his Lord and Savior this morning. I was like WOW! There was a girl about my age (21) who was sitting with him this morning in church and was signing to him so that he could "hear" the message. Then she told him how to accept Christ.
Tonight in the service, when we were singing, there was a girl on stage signing to the song. I looked up the isle and saw him standing there, with his long hair, thinning on top, signing to the song. Just watching him touched me. He told the pastor that the worship was wonderful today. This man is deaf and he worships with his hands. He hears with his eyes and heart. I can't wait to see him again in the store. He's such a nice man.

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