BRRRRR and Bahumbug..

It is so freakin cold! I woke up this morning, and despite my longs sleeves and pants, I was about to freeze. And the floor... I put my feet on the floor and they about turned to ice! I have some house shoes, but my mom's dog pooped in the floor the other day and I didn't see it so I stepped in it. I have yet to wash them. I think I better go do that because my toes are freezing off. The floor being cold is one of the only bad things about not having carpet.
And you wonder.. Bahumbug? No I have not turned my back on this joyous season. I called my dad this morning to figure out how to make the space heater work. After he told me, he asked if I wanted to do something devious for him... I said umm...ok.... Well he got a christmas card from the family who owns the company he works for. There is a picture of the family on the front. He asked me to put one of those little speaking bubbles on the old man that says "No raise again!" and on the teenage looking boy put "Bahumbug!" LOL. I think he's going to take it and put it up on the board at work. LOL

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Love the new "christmas theme" to your blog Keri!

Well done - I can never figure out how to add backgrounds or where to put the html code.

Good for you girl!

Hope you have warmed up by the way