Yesterday, I left early for work because I needed to go by the post office before work. I met my mom in the road and the told me later that she had said a silent prayer for God to protect me. When I got to the intersection right before the highway, a white honda civic "appeared" in front of me. The girl had ran the stop sign. I t-boned them. The people who witnessed it said that she never slowed down and I didnt have time to hit the brake before I hit them. The honda went over into the field while my car spun around and faced the direction from where I had come. Both cars are totalled. There was a telephone thing sticking up out of the ground that I believe kept me from flipping because my car lodged up on it. The only injuries (and I wouldn't even call them that) was a place on my collar bone where the seat belt restrained me.
I don't really remember anything. Someone asked how fast the air bag came out. I don't remember. All I know is that I saw the car, I hit it a split second later and I had an air bag in my face and I was spinning. I don't remember hitting my head. I don't remember any pain. I didn't start feeling all the other little bumps until after I was at the hospital. My shoulder was worst hurt but I'm alive.
In the other car, :(, there was a little girl in the back seat on the drivers side. (I hit the passenger side) She did have any bumps or scratched or anything. The woman that witnessed the wreck got her out and was holding her. The driver was a 17yr old. Her name is Crystal. She's got some cuts on her face. She'll be ok. The other girl, 18 yrs old, Ashley, she was on the passenger side. She was still alive when they took her to the hospital. Well, we got to the hospital and got registered and was waiting in the waiting area when they took her out to the ambulence to air lift her over to Greenville, South Carolina. Then they brought her back because she arrested on them. The second time they took her, they were able to take off, but I was told that half way there, she arrested again and died.
You never know how many people really care about you until something like this happened. So many people have called to check on me. And some came to the hospital. And there were so many people there for those other girls.
There is so much more to write, but I haven't gotten a chance to go take pictures of my car because the state patrol isn't done with the investigation. So when I get a chance to take some pics I'm going to add some more detail other than this:
Last night, my mom had a dinner that her and my dad were going to. I don't really beleive in horoscopes and all, but its ironic what my mom's horoscope said: Someone could throw a monkey wrench into some social plans you've made with friends. Instead of throwing a fit, use your energy and brains to work around the disruption.
And here are a few photos I took with my phone yesterday right after it happened.


Erika said...
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Crabby Rangoon said...

Glad you're ok. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.


Oh Keri I am so sorry to hear about your recent troubles.

Bless you.

You must be so shook up, just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you.