So let me start with yesterday: I worked from 8-4. Well, when I came in there was a huge mess of reservations and money. So I started with the money. There were things not posted, money that i didn't know where it went, just a mess. So I was able to sort that out. Then came the reservations. We had a group staying here that was part of the Scottish Festival taking place down the road. So they were supposed to have a certain number of resrvations. Well when the people got here on Saturday, they didn't have any. The night shift guy had put 7 of them as no shows. GRR. So finally I was able to sort it out. Then Bulldog came in at about 1. She had locked the door the day before and couldn't get in the office yesterday. She had to call the lock and key guy. Oh and then yesterday morning she had called someone to fix a sink drain. Well she said that I would pay him cash. I straight up told her that we couldn't be paying people cash out of our drawer. So then she paid the lock and key guy out of the bank bag. GRR! She is such an idiot. So then we were watching her on Jennifer's computer last night on the camera. She had all these papers laid out. Needless to say, I had another mess this morning. oh and the guy she had called to work last night didn't show up! LOL
So far, I've had another money situation and a problem with reservations. Well, the money situation came about because Bulldog and her dumb self didn't make a deposit for 2nd shift. So i had to go back and find out how much it was supposed to be. There was money posted where there was supposed to be money posted. So I finally was able to find where all the money went and put it in its proper place.
Well, I didn't know I had a problem with reservations until someone came to check out. She had 3 rooms under her name. Well, Bulldog had checked someone into the wrong room. And so one of her rooms was occupied by someone else. So I had to take that charge off. Well the people who were in her room was supposed to have Golf Vouchers. They didnt. So I had to find those and make those out. And I have them all a free voucher for their last round of golf because of the inconvenience to them. So I got that done. Now I'm training a new front desk clerk. She's nice. I hope she learns it fast. i bet that the guy Bulldog had scheduled to come in again tonight is once again not going to show up. That may be why she got Kendra's number. Well i hope she knows that she needs someone to do night audit because Bob isn't here and I don't know how to do it, and I seriously doubt that jason will be able to come in a do it because he already has a day time job as a parole officer and that would be really rough on him having to do that and work 3rd here.
So anyway..... my job has turned into a complete hell whole and I really don't know how much more I can take of this....

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