Lucky Me

Luckily I got to work today and I only had to look at Bulldog for about 30 minutes. She didn't say anything about the fact that I'm wearing jeans. Doesn't she notice anything other than my hair color? Like a dress code violation?! :P LOL I asked who would be working 3rd shift tuesday-thursday and she said that she was. Holy CRAP! Our system is going to be so freaking out of wack! But... who cares.
I went to Wal-mart today. I asked to speak with someone in personell. Well, the lady told me that the woman who usually does applications, her last day was thursday but that there was someone else who would be looking at my application and would call. She said that if she didnt' call to call them tomorrow. She gave me a name and extention number to call. I really hope that she tells me I have a job. That way I can call up here and tell Bulldog. I quit. I may even drive up here and tell her to her face that I quit just to see her "oh shit" reaction. lol
Well... until later folks!

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