Kick the bulldog!

So I went to the meeting today with Mrs. Bulldog. We were talking about the schedule. I told her that i couldn't work during the day during the week. And Kendra told her that she could work nights or weekends. Bulldog said not to worry about this weekend. She said that she had someone to do first shift this weekend. I was supposed to do first shift!! So now i'm working second! GRR. So Nancy quit and we didn't have anyone to work 2nd tonight and tomorrow because these are my days off and Jennifer told me not to work. So I'm not working. I feel bad though because Bob is having to work 2nd and 3rd tonight. But's he's going out of town tomorrow. The girl that Bulldog was bringing in today, I don't thinkj showed up. She better hope she shows up tomorrow.
So Bulldog thinks she's going to change a lot of things, but i hate to tell her ,she's going to have a hard time doing it. Jennifer told me that she had said something about a pay decrease from Bulldog so that she could get the payroll down for the owner. I'm not doing anything for him!! And Jennifer said it's against the law anyway. Bulldog also said that our hotel was the only one she ever knew of that paid time and a half for holidays. She said "Jeff must care about you to pay you holidays like he does." I wanted to say "Lady, that man doesn't give a shite about us!!!"
I'm so sick of all this stuff. I so wish Walmart would hurry and call me.

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