Mrs. Bulldog

Things keep getting worse by the day. Instead of the new manager starting tomorrow, she started today. She looks like a bulldog! I went looking for jobs today during my break. I went to the place where people call to place catalouge orders. They were only hiring for day time positions. So that sucked. I don't think I would have liked it there anyway. So I walked out. I then went to Walmart and filled out the application on the computer thingy. I asked the girl that was at the customer service desk how long it took for them to contact people. She said she didn't really know. I told her that I was wanting to work in the evenings as a cashier. She said that is usually what they are looking for and that they would probably call me. Lord, please let them call me! I want out of this place!
My boss, well ex-boss actually, has been having to basically teach Mrs. Bulldog her job. I know it was a very hard day for her. I think it's going to be the hardest for her. Nancy wrote us all letters. It was very very sweet. She told me that she sees me as a sister. I see her and Jennifer as sisters. *sigh*... this is so depressing.

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