Life just keeps getting worse.

I don't know why it's happening, but day by day life is getting worse for me. Yesterday I had the pitty party for myself, today I find out that my boss was told her last day would be Friday. I don't understand it. She is the best boss i have ever had. I think she does a great job keeping this place going.
So this is what happened. I went and picked up my boss' daughter from day care and brought her with me. When I pick her up, my boss allows me to be an hour late. Well, when I got here I noticed that the first shift worker was still here. I found this to be very odd.
I come in with her daughter, and find my co-worker and boss in her office, both looked like they had been crying. I knew something was up. My boss couldn't even talk. my co-worker looked at me and told me that we were getting a new manager. And who else, but the lady who was looking at buying the motel. She starts Thursday. Luckily I don't work Thursday or Friday.
So needless to say, I began crying. Not only for myself, but for all the people that I work with. Mostly for my boss. I am hurting more for her than myself! She has a 2 year old and a home that isn't paid for, and no husband. She's going to have it hard. I've got bills that have to be paid, but not as much as others that work here. I'm the only one still living with my parents.
I've been looking for jobs most of the night. I called a guy I used to work with at my old job. He is now a store manager at a grocery store down the road from here. I had heard he needed a manager, but when I called today, he said he had alreay hired someone. So that's basically out of the question unless that someone can't do the job.
I've found a few prospects on the internet. One is a clerical position that I need to find out the hours on. Another is a photo job (taking pictures of newborns at a hospital). The third is answering the phone and taking catalouge orders. I think I could handle that. I'm going to go apply for the phone answering position tomorrow during my break. I just hope and pray that I can find something quick.

Also, I forgot to write this earlier. Nancy was up here and I had went to program a remote. Well when I came back, there was our owner being fussed at by Nancy. I came in and sat down. I didn't want to look at him let alone speak to him. So Nancy just kept right on. She told him that Jennifer had a 2 year old to take care of. He said, "I have a 9 and 11 year old to care for. I'm not here to support families. I'm here to make money." In the 2 seconds it took him to say that, I lost all respect for that ASS! I looked at him and without any respect whatsoever for him I said, "Oh.. so you don't give a shit about Jennifer do you?" All he could say was "I need a room." So all this time he hasn't cared one bit for us. I loathe him!

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