New Job??

So my boss tells me and a coworker today that a lady who was at another hotel here in town wants to look at buying our motel. She had sold the one she was at to some Indians. The owner of our motel told her that we aren't making a profit. Nothing against indians, but I told Jennifer to give it time, that we would start getting more business just because that hotel in owned by indians. A lot of our guests asks if we are American owned or Indians... I tell the we are American owned. Even if we are sold it will be American, but I think if we are sold that the motel may go to shit. Pardon my french. So where does the new job come in? The owner of the motel that I work at also told my boss that we aren't making enough money and if that lady doesn't buy that he will not be able to keep up this place because his investors won't go for it. So I'm beginning to wonder if I need to be looking for another place to work. It's going to suck big time if I do. This is the best place I can work while I'm going to school. And if it comes down to it, I'll go work for Michael at LA Foods before i go back to the hell hole called my first job. Pray that we can keep this place going!

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