First day of School

So I started classes today. Both of them were good. My first class is civil litigation with Ms. Pomerene. She's a great teacher and freakin hilarious! She has these "personalities"... lol She recognized the back row. lol I am part of the back row.. It's me, Pam, and Novella. We had her in 2 of our classes last time and we all sat on the back row. So then she asked the class to go around and tell our names and why we enrolled in the paralegal program. Some people were saying because they like being nosey, other because they like helping people. I said that I have always been instrested in law and I wanted to be part of the back row. Of course that got a laugh. :P
So that class when rather fast.
I had 3 hours to waste but I didn't get a chance to blog...
So my second class is Real Estate Law. I thought it was going to be a snore but it actually wasn't. The teacher is a freakin nut case. She's an attorney from New York. So she's got the northern accent. Which I'm used to because of my friend in Maine. So she's talking about the lesson and gets off on a tangent. It's funny but the way she throws her arms around and what is funny. She even looks kinda old and senile.
So day one was good....

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