Well, I start classes tomorrow morning. I have to be there at 8, that means getting up at 7... UGH! It kinda sucks that I will have a 3 hour break between classes, but I guess it has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: I can either go to the library with my laptop and do school work or just play on the comp or I can go to my car and catch up on sleep... I think I'll be going to work out a couple of days a week during that time also. We'll just have to see how that works out.. LOL
Disadvantages: I won't be getting out of class until 1:20 so that puts me at home at around 2. That means I'll miss Days of our Lives!! I saw a commercial today about it and they are changing the guy who plays "shawn douglas brady". And the new guy is kinda ugly! Why do they do that?! It bugs the heck out of me when they change charactersn because then you have to get used to a whole new person. And that person usually isn't as good as the other. So anyway, back to classes... I am going to be taking Civil Litigation and Real Estate Law (Snore!). I hope I make better grades that I did last quarter. We'll see... wish me luck!

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