So I work at a motel. Well, these two men came in. Naturally I put them in a room with 2 beds. So they are kinda chatty. I'm checking them in doing my thing. One of them asked if the room had 2 beds in it. I said "No I thought you might sleep together." One started laughing and the other said "That's not funny.. Well it's is funny." The other one said "That is funny man!" The other said "Well we are in Georgia." I gave him a look. And we all started laughing. One said, "you're supposed to say that's only ok in Alabama." lol Some of the people that come through here... tisk tisk.. I get a lot of funny and crazy people that come through here.
You know.. after writing this, it makes me think of something that I was reading in Blogging For Dummies. It said something about you should make your boss aware of your blog and ask if it is ok to have one. Maybe I should ask her if it's ok to have a blog and write about some of the folks that come through here if I don't mention names. Besides... no one knows the name of the motel I work at except people who know me and as long as I don't say names then no one is hurt. And if you've read the blog before this one then you know that I'm not up on revealing people's names. I do have that much respect for their privacy. Later!!

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