iPhone Veteran

Yesterday I did it! I finally downgraded out AT&T plan from iPhone data plans to non-smart phone plans.  Of course, I'll miss my iPhone and all the apps that went with it, but at the same time once I get the wifi fixed on it, I could still play the games and I can still use the iPod now.  
We had to do something though.  Our monthly bill was running on average $160.  

I don't think I'll miss it as much as I think.  In fact, today, I don't even have a cell phone with me at all.  Derek's died on him and he had left his charger at a friends house Saturday.  He had to go to a guys house this morning to help move some logs and he needed a phone in case he got lost. So I gave up mine.  Its not that big of deal.  I wasn't really expecting anyone to call me.  Derek knows where and how to reach me so that's not a big deal either.  If someone really had to get in touch with me, they could call my mom or Derek and they would get them in touch with me.  

Its nice too that I haven't been checking my phone ever five minutes to see if someone has texted me or if I have a missed call.  Like Derek told me last night, "I kinda like it without a phone."  Maybe I'll start doing that more often. Just leave me phone in the car while I'm at work.

So I'm here saying Goodbye! to the iPhone data plan and hello to a simpler phone and more time.......


Technodoll said...

It's a good feeling to own technology instead of letting it own you :-)

I only bring my cellphone with me when I go shopping and even then I rarely remember to turn it on... it's old, I have a $10 phone and text plan on it so you can imagine how useless it is besides for emergency calls and one-line text messages, LOL!

Congrats :-)

Becky said...

I'm a huge apple fangirl and I love my iPhone. But it is expensive. I respect your decision; it sounds like you put a lot of thought into it and did what was right for you. =)

Lady Banana said...

I love my iPhone and I think it's a cheaper plan we have here..