Funky Doright....

Today has been weird.  I haven't really done anything out of the ordinary. Work. Post Office. Work. Lunch. Work. Bank. Work. Sporadic phone calls from Derek. 

I'm in a funky mood today for some reason. 

But besides that, let me tell you a story.
So about the Bank part of my day. Our student came back from running errands. Part of her errands was to go to the bank and deposit our pay checks in their respective accounts.  She brought mine back.  The correct amount had been deposited, but there was $5 too much in the cash amount I got back. 

Here were my options: a) keep it.  b) take it back. 
I'm not gonna lie. I would like to have done (a).  But I did (b).  The teller had read a 3 as an 8 on my check and that's the reason that the deposited amount had been correct.  I told her that I'm sure God will bless me, but it wasn't going to be through dishonesty of keeping that $5.  She thanked me for making it right and I left.  

So.. the good news? I hadn't looked at my bank account all day until I got back.  I saw where she had corrected everything, but I had about $25 more than I expected to have.  I got to looking and there was a pending credit for $28.  There was no information about who it was from.  I called the bank to inquire about it.  She told me it was from the tax company that I had used to do my taxes last Friday.  I'm not quite sure why I'm getting that credit, but I'm going to credit it to God blessing me for my honesty. 

So though I'm in a funky mood, some things have been good today. 


Lady Banana said...

I would have done the same as you..

Wouldn't feel comfortable with myself if I did otherwise..

Technodoll said...

I'm the dishonest one, I would have kept the mistake LOL!


I may burn in hell...

ps: awesome about the surprise credit! :)