Clean Productivity

I've been somewhat productive today. I cleaned out the litter box, cleaned off the back porch, and cleaned some things up that came out of the storage building.  I also went to town and met a friend to get a phone from her.

Its a non-smart phone.  Why would I want that you say? Because iPhone is way to expensive for us at the moment.  Having a bill that is $160+ each month is not working for us.  When I got it, it was great, but now it's just a burden.  I enjoy playing the games, but when I get the wifi fixed on it, I'll still be able to play those.  So yeah, we are downgrading our plan.

Later, I'm gonna go to my brother's house and move some more things to our storage building and out of his house.   I will be so glad when we are able to move in to our own place.  Hopefully that will be the last time we have to move our things. 

So I'm hoping to get a lot more done... we'll see....

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Lady Banana said...

I worked out that your $160 is £98.. That is madly expensive for a monthly phone charge! I pay £35 a month all data and calls inclusive!