Oh Me!

Why is it that the one morning that I have ran out of medicine that works for me, I get the worst migraine!! 

I took a hot shower before leaving for work.  My hair looks a hot mess.  The nausea is almost unbearable.  I went to Wal-Mart to get some Naproxen Sodium.  It was only 220 mg. I took 4. That's only 880 mg. I'm used to taking 1000 mg. I've also go my neck wrap that I heat in the microwave. 

And a cup of coffee.

Oh how I hope it goes away soon so I can't move on with work. 

Update:  The above was at about 9:05 this morning. It is now 9:45... only 40 minutes later. I took the medicine I bought at about 8:45.  My headache has eased off enough for me to join the living. 

I can't believe how bad it was hurting.  That was ridiculous!  It still hurts a little, but it just a dull tolerable pain compared to what it was when I woke up.  *Sighs with relief* 


Britt said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Sending healing thoughts your way!

Becky said...

It's good you found something that gives you relief so quickly. Hope tomorrow starts out better for you! =)

PS. Thanks for all the well wishes over on my blog. =)

Cory said...

I hope you are feeling a lot better by now!