I've posted pictures from the ladies retreat and talked about a few things that we did, but I want to share more than just that.

This past weekend really made me realize that I need to draw closer to God.  I've been focused on other things and I need to refocus on Him and let Him work it out.  Before, I haven't given everything to Him and let Him work in my life.  One of the things that I wanted God to chisel out of my life was my need for control.  

I feel overwhelmed when I don't have control of a situation or I can't fix a problem. I've realized that in some ways and situations, I can't always fix it.  I've got to learn to give God control of everything and let Him roll with it.  He knows what He is doing far better than I ever will.  

For example,  our finances.  When we moved in with my parents, our plan was to put what we were paying in rent into a savings account.  Little did we know that 3 months later, Derek would lose his job.  We didn't tithe.  I believe this was our mistake.  I told God, I've got this when it comes to our finances and instead of giving that 10% to Him, I used it to pay bills.  I also believe that our lack of tithing has been the problem with Derek finding a job. 

This passed weekend, Allison, my roommate at the retreat, told me that since she and her husband had started tithing that they hadn't overdrawn their bank account and that they actually didn't even miss the money.  No it wasn't always easy, but it had become a necessity in their spiritual walk.  

This is where I am.  On Tuesday afternoon, I was talking to Derek on the phone.  I told him that it was time that we start tithing.  I knew this is what was right for our family.  I didn't know what he would say.  So when he said that he had been thinking the same thing and yes it was time, I felt that it was a God thing.  Of course it was a God thing.  Tithing is in the Bible! 

The way God works is amazing.  Tuesday evening, we were sitting watching TV and my mom mentions a job listing online.  Derek calls the guy.  He talks with him on the phone for a good 20-30 minutes  about a mechanic job.  Its nothing set in stone yet, but it just amazing that we made the conscious decision to follow and be obedient to God and let Him take control, and within hours, there is a possible job opportunity for Derek.  

This past year has not been easy.  He has been chiseling on my all year. This past weekend was the refreshment from God that I needed.  I've been in His word every day since and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.  

I also gained a new friend in Allison.  We had been friends when we were younger and were in Sunday School together, but life happened and she got married and moved away for a time.  Life happened again and she moved back to our area.  She has found a renewed life in Christ and is just the godly friend that I have needed.  

When you give it all to God, it is amazing what He will do.

While at the ladies retreat they gave out index cards.  Each had a promise from God.  The one that was randomly handed to me was Proverbs 3:5-6 which says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. 

That was definitely the promise that I needed from him.  Through that promise on an index card the Lord spoke to me.  I've got to trust in him with everything even if I don't understand it because he will take care of it.

I have that promise in my car up near my gauges so that that is one of the first things I see when I get in my car in the mornings.  So I that will be continuously reminded of him promise.  

God is good. 

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