Sometimes I hate calling a company. Sometimes I don't mind.  Sometimes it's just funny.

Saturday night our internet stopped working.  It was late so I just decided that I would wait until Sunday to call AT&T.  Keep in mind that the account is under my dad's name which is Steve.

So I get on the line with this guy named Jay.  He's asks my name.  When I tell him my name, I also tell him the name on the account.  He doesn't understand me and thinks that I said my last name is Tyler.  Which it is not.... 

He goes on to say "You are related to Steve Tyler on American Idol?"

This catches me by surprise.  "Excuse me?" He repeats himself.  I tell him no. I then correct him on both my name and my dad's name.  Then he goes on to ask "You watch American Idol?" 


"Oh. You like to sing?"

Dude, I would really just like to get my internet fixed. 

"Oh. Ok. Let's see..." And we go on to try and get it fixed, which was not accomplished.  He scheduled a call back for this evening when I get home from work to try and get it fixed since the department I needed to speak to wasn't open on Sunday.  

But come on. Did he really ask me if I watch American Idol?  Maybe next time we can talk about Skating with the Stars.... 

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