ZQuiet Review

So about this ZQuiet mouthpiece. 

My husband tells me that it has drastically cut down on my snoring. 
I read other reviews saying that the first night, the person had great sleep.  I didn't really notice that.  And I haven't had GREAT sleep, but I have noticed that I don't wake up from snoring or have my husband waking me up because of it. 

There have been a couple of times though that I wake up and the mouthpiece has came out of my mouth. I'm not sure exactly how that happens because when I'm awake I try every way I can think of to get it to pop out, but it won't come out.  So I think that I'm pushing it out with my tongue while I'm asleep.  

One night, I woke up and couldn't find it.  It was on the floor on Derek's side of the bed. How it got that far I don't know.  

But its doing its job in that it makes the snoring less harsh and Derek can sleep.  


Lady Banana said...

Good that it's helping, most snoring aids are useless! lol

Technodoll said...

yay for good sleeps, on both side of the bed! whatever works :)