Remember Me

As of late, I have become a fan of Robert Pattinson.  He is the guy that plays Edward in Twilight.  I looked him up on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to see what other movies he has played in.  I looked through the pictures there then scanned the movie list.

He played a character named Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me.  It is a 2010 movie that I'm guessing didn't make it to the theater.  The girl that plays Allie is Emilie de Ravin who played Claire on LOST. 

He is just as find in this movie.....

Here is the story line from   A romantic drama set in New York City during the summer of 2001, where Tyler, a rebellious young man, meets Ally through a twist of fate. Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy, though soon the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart. 


I was really enjoying the movie and then it started playing that type music that makes you know that something is about to happen. 

In the movie, Tyler tells his girlfriend that he's going to meet with his dad at his office. Tyler goes to meet with his father at his office only his father had decided to step up and be a dad to Tyler's little sister and he rode with her to school that morning.  Tyler went on in to his dad's office and sat at his desk.  He watched the screen on the computer as a slideshow of pictures went across.  It was of Tyler, his little sister and his brother who had since committed suicide.

Tyler realized then that his dad really did love and care about him and his little sister.  He moves over to the wall of windows and looks out.  The camera then begins to pan away from the building and then I realize whats going on.  I'm sitting there with me headphones in while Derek watches full ball and I say "Oh no...." Derek's like WHAT?!

Tyler is standing in his father's office that is located in one of the Twin Towers.  Up to this point, the director keeps you in the dark as to what the point of the movie is about. Then it all hits you at once.  

The movie cuts to the little sister in class. The teacher gets her attention and then walks by the chalk board and written on the board is Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  

For real?  You're going there?

I almost couldn't believe that the director had done that, but on the other hand, he knows how to bring out emotions in people.  It cut to the mother coming out of her house and wondering what's going on. She runs to the end of the street and sees it. Then to his father who steps out of his car and sees it.  The look on the father's face says it all.  And then it cuts to Tyler's roommate and girlfriend.  They run out to the roof of the building and see it.  

The Towers had been hit and Tyler died.  HE DIED! I was sitting there crying because he died! I told Derek had I know that's how it would have ended, I may not have watched it. It was good, but still... he died and I cried.  Grrr... he died.   

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Anna said...

I think this movie was in theatres for a while. At least in many theatres. I didn't really have a desire to see it, and I definitely don't want to see it now. Gah. He died!! I'm glad I didn't watch it.