Car Troubles

So, Saturday I was on the way to a house warming party at a friend's house that was about 25 minutes away.   I was just driving along, maybe 10 minutes from her house, and my car starts decelerating even though I'm giving it gas.  And then a red light with a battery inside comes on.

Ok... this is just great.

I start pulling off the road and the power steering isn't working. Of course that was because my car had shut off.  Just great.  So I call Derek.  He has to go get gas in his vehicle before he can come get me.  He didn't realize just how far out I was from the house.  

When he gets there, he hooks up the jumper cables between the vehicles.  He lets it charge for a few minutes and then tries to crank my car. It would crank but it wouldn't stay crunk.  So eventually, we decided to call the wrecker service.  They take it too the mechanic that we usually take our vehicles to and luckily they have a contract with that mechanic where they just bill the mechanic. Yay.  Because I had no money at the time to pay him. 

That was Saturday.  

We prayed at church yesterday that the fix for my car wouldn't cost much. That was Sunday.

This morning, I took a half day off work so that we could figure something our about my car.  We went up there and he hadn't check it, but he had MOVED the car.  He moved it! WHAT!
He said "Oh, was it not supposed to crank?"  Um. No.  So we explained what happened and he was like "oh ok, well give me about 45 minutes to check it out.  "

So I drop Derek off to work at the church for a little while and I went home.  About 11:15 Derek calls and says that so far the mechanic hasn't found anything.  Great.... Guess I'd be driving the Astro to work. Whooopie......

Derek called me at work about about 10 minutes ago to tell me that the mechanic had driven it about a 5 mile route, 3 different times trying everything he could think of to cause it to fail again.  Nothing.   He told Derek "I don't know."  

So, it's best to think positive about situations.  I told Derek "I'm going to believe that God was saving me from something.  There may have been something down the road that may have happened, but he kept me from it.  And as far as nothing being wrong with my car, that is an answered prayer." 

Derek said that he and Mama had just been talking about that, that it may have been God saving me from something.  So we are going to leave me car for the rest of the afternoon to let him keep looking at it and then we'll go get it when I get off work. 

So after all the things that I've been through, being robbed at gun point, living through an auto accident where someone else lost their life,  I still believe that God works in mysterious ways and that things happen for a purpose.  I'll never know this side of Heaven what he saved me from, but I'm just glad I'm here to give him the glory. 


Technodoll said...

hmmmm keri is your car haunted? :-o

Keri said...

You know, I'm beginning to wonder.

Pieces of Me said...

Something similar happened to me a couple of years ago. We definitely felt blessed not to have a huge bill from the mechanic!