Here I Go Again....

For about the thousandth time, I'm going to initiate weight loss measures. I doubt anyone reads here anymore, but maybe that will change. But for now, I guess it's me and my water bottle.
I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary back in August. One year. Already.  It's gone by so fast.  A lot of things have happened though. One thing in particular that might hinder my weight loss some is the fact that we moved in with my parents.
You did what?! Yeah. I know. I've heard that a lot. But its like this, there was an offer and when the time came, we took it. So, its not that we had to at the time, but things have happened that we're glad we did. Moving on.
So why the whole losing weight gig again? Boy do I have a story.
This past Saturday, my husband and I volunteered to sell bottled drinks at the UGA game. It was to benefit a woman's shelter in a nearby city.  I thought that there would be nothing to it other than climbing a few stairs. The woman even told us to take it easy. Did I? No. Do I regret it? Oh yes. Very much so.

The game is about 30+ minutes from starting. I'm already out in the stadium selling drinks. Up and down the stairs. And again. And again. I went up and down those stairs way too many times.  Near half-time, I was almost to the top of a set of stairs and my right thigh muscle started cramping. So I painfully made my way to the top and tried to work it out without people thinking I'm dying.
I started back down after the cramp eased.  About half way down, it started cramping again, but luckily I had just sold my last drink. So I made my way back to the room.  I knew I should have stopped then and so did my husband, but I didn't.  We were told to go on break. We did. When we came back, I made the moronic decision of going out again. And again, my leg cramped. Worse this time. I quickly sold out and went back in. This time, I didn't go back out. I cashed out, got my tip money, which was only $8.00, and went and sat down.  My leg was aching horrifically.
My husband walked by a few times, made sure I was okay and went on. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, they quit serving.  D was going to go talk to a friend he had seen earlier. He came back shortly after the guy wouldn't let him through the gate.  He came and found me and we headed out to the campus bus that would take us to the parking deck we were in. It was a long walk and I did not want to walk it. It was pointless to have left 10 minutes early though. We got on the best and sat  because they wouldn't move until the game was over. Oh well. I thought I was fine.
When we finally made it over to the parking deck, I stood and could feel it happening.
If I could have found an elevator, I would have gladly waited in line.  Where it was still escapes me.  We had parked on the very top deck. I think it was maybe 5 or 6 decks.  We started up the stairs.  I made the first half flight fine.  Then it happened. BOTH legs started cramping in my thighs.  THE worst pain I have ever felt. I stopped at one point and was bent over in pain. A man stopped and asked if I was ok. I lied.
By the time I was at the top, I was in so much pain I was bawling. My legs were cramping so bad, I couldn't bend my legs. I looked like a female Frankenstein walking across the parking lot. D got in the car and started it to cool it down. I was standing outside the car trying to get my legs to stop cramping.  Finally it eased enough for me to get in.
From my heart about to beat out of my chest at the beginning of the day to my legs about to cramp off, I realized that I have to do something about my health and weight. I'm very unhealthy and its got to change.
So here is a pretty recent full body shot:

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