Alone Time

Last night was the first night in a very long time that I was able to have some alone time.

There was no one in the house but me and the dogs.  No one to bug me about anything.  So I sat and watched TV and ate the hamburger helper that I made. There was so much more that I could have done, but at the moment, all I wanted to do was sit. So that's what I did.

I should have slept to get some rest and try and get over this cold that seems to be taking over.  Hopefully it will ease off some by tomorrow. We are going to volunteer at the UGA v. Arkansas game tomorrow. No, I will not be climbing stairs this time.  I was told that I will be the change girl. I'll stand out by the entrance to the tunnel where we go out and if someone comes in for change, they will just stop at me instead. That seems like the better decision for me.

And I get to watch the game!

I think I'll be taking my camera tomorrow. That way I'll get some better pics. So look for some pics Saturday night or Sunday! GO DAWGS!!!


Lady Banana said...

It's lovely to get some time alone, as long as it's not too often!

Hope you have a good weekend :)

Keri said...

The funny thing is, I like my alone time. I guess I'm a little more anti-social than I thought I was. I enjoy being able to sit down a read a book without someone asking me why I read.

Pieces of Me said...

With my husband gone over the weekend, I had plenty of alone time. It was quite enjoyable. Of, course there were times I missed him, but I think getting a little me time was beneficial.

Have a great week!