I just read a friends blog who just updated after a long absence and realized that its been a while since I posted.
Not much is going on other than wedding stuff. The Fiance has been getting sick a lot here lately. He called this morning with a stomach bug. I'm thinking that maybe that was my fault. See this morning a co-worker called in sick with a stomach bug also. It's possibly that she was sick yesterday and didn't realize it and passed the bug to me. Yesterday after I went to the mall to pick up the b/f's cell that he accidently left at the hat store, I took it to his house. I might have picked up the bug from the co-worker and he got it from me when we kissed. I've been tired all day so I'm thinking that could be what happened.
We had a snag in our wedding party. One of the groomsmen from NC said that he possibly wouldn't be able to make the wedding. WHAT?! He said there was a man at his job who had surgery and would be out for a couple of months and that he had to take on another shift. Okay... breathe...... So we gave him about a week to give us a definite yes or no. When D called him about 2 weeks ago, he said to go ahead and find a replacement. We thought that my maid of honor's husband would do it, but he said he didn't like doing that kind of thing. Thanks....... luckily a guy that D used to work with is still good buddies with D and said he would do it. So we went Sunday and he was fitted for his tux. So we have all the guys tuxes fitted and paid for. YAY!!
The flowers are all done also. We are going with artificial flowers so the florist will be able to do them up way before the wedding day. Which is good for everyone. She has a sick family member and I don't have to worry about her falling behind. Great.
We have also gotten the cake ordered. The cake has been the only thing to produce a bridezilla moment. It was really just a big misunderstanding between D and I and thats what caused it. I thought he wasn't wanting me to substitute good icing for diabetic icing. He said "Since there will be some old people and diabetics there." He wasn't at the meeting with me and the baker and my mom. He was on the phone. I told him "Look this is our day and I'm not going to sacrifice it for some old diabetics." I was upset and started crying. How embarassing!! But we got over it. I realized later that his only thing was that he didn't want butter cream. He wanted to make sure it was a cream cheese frosting. So it was a big misunderstanding.
So as of tomorrow, we only have a month til the wedding...... OMG.... there just seems to be so much to do.

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*~Puzzle~* said...

Wow what a drama with your best man. Sigh my wedding party is dramatic also. I inititally had 3 Bm's and 2 of which I never should of asked because they're biatches but i'm related so can't bunt them. Then H2B said I could ask my best friend. And she took over the maid of honour role. Thank God. But I still regreat asking my cousins. They're not even commited. I feel like they don't even care that I'm getting married. Anyway I will rant about that on my blog some other time. Lol

Good thing you found a replacement. 1 month OMG is so close. How exciting??!!