I just use the phrase "taste like armpit cheese" to describe a bag of pepperoni combos. The ones in the red and white pack.. Yeah those.... yuck.


Cory said...

I'll have to remember that one!

*~Puzzle~* said...

Sorry I havn't been around in ages. I hope you're well. I did get Sims 3. It's quite good. Once you play it, you won't want to play sims 2. The biggest plus is that it's sooo much faster and you don't have load times between your house and going into town. It's really great. Well I hope to be around more now. So much is happening that I think I need to start blogging again just to clear my head. Lol. I hope you're well Keri.
P.s. I love your layout. The ocean is my favourite place. xoxo

p.p.s.Also well done on your weight loss journey!!

p.p.p.s.I will have to read through your blog to find out how the wedding went etc.

*~Puzzle~* said...

Just read your blog where I was up to. You're not married yet? I thought you were getting married in march or april. Sorry for the mix up. I hope things are well :)