These are Cali's kittens.
I could get to the other
litter. This one I think
I'll name Smokey. It is
solid grey with blue eyes!
It is also mean as a snake
though. Just looking at it
makes it hiss. It finally let
me pick it up though.

This yellow one is from
the same litter. There
are two yellow ones. We
think that Breeze might
be the daddy since there
were 2 yellow ones.
This is the one that I think
I'm going to give to Derek
depending on what the
other ones look like. This
one also has blue eyes.
And its sweet and will
snuggle in my arms.
I'm so glad we found them!!


L.C.T. said...


~Molly~ said...

OOOH how sweet!!!!

I have the same angst about blogging, but keep at it for some reason. I blog for myself, to share parts of my life. Having 3 homeschooled kids with social calendars a mile long and other committments keeps me from being able to "write" how I want to but I've gotten over it.*G* Hang in there, you will find your groove!!


Old School Acres said...

Awwww....they are so cute!! I love finding girls think it's a treasure hunt LOL

*~Puzzle~* said...

Oh what beautiful kittens. I love kittens. We use to have a kitten but caused too many problems being in an apartment and my asthma. One day when we get to have a house and a yard we will get a kitten. yay! I just love it when they snuggle and purr!