New Rain Fall. Need New Shoes.

This morning when I took the dogs outside to do their business, the sky was cloudy, but I didn't think about the forecast predicting rain. It should have been common sense by the look of the sky that it was going to rain today.

When it rains, I usually wear my high heels so that my pants don't get soaked. Nope. I wore my flats. Guess what. I need new flats. It's not a pleasant feeling to be walking down the sidewalk to the post office while your feet are getting soaking wet. I didn't realize until this morning that I shouldn't wear my flats in the rain. I've had them for a while and didn't realize just how worn they had gotten. In the front, indicated by the arrow, is a small hole. To me, it is gaping because of all the water it let in.
As you can see.... I propped my shoes up and put the heater on them to dry them out, just so they'll get wet again during lunch. I've got to run home and let the dogs out again, so I think I'll put on my heels when I go.
Another reason I need new shoes, these flats are UGLY!!! I don't know why I bought them. I feel like a Pilgrim when I wear them. Nothing against them. They just remind me of the buckle shoes that we think of them wearing.
So.... yeah... i have wet feet!


Cory said...

Oh no! I've had the same thing happen to me before.
Generally, if I KNOW it's going to rain I'll wear boots so my feet stay dry, or crocs. If I wear my crocs, I know my feet will get wet, but I take the shoes off in the office. Then my feet and the shoes dry quick!

Becky said...

I'm a flip flop girl. I wear them ALL the time, even in only *slightly* warm temperatures! See my comment on the last

Keri said...

Well.. I went home and changed shoes. I'm all set now :)

A said...

Omigosh! I'm horrible about the rain. I always wear the wrong shoes... and have forgotten my umbrella more times! (which is horrible for a NYC commuter) I have to say, I was proud of myself for remembering to throw it in my bag on Friday, even though I didn't even use it (just a few sprinkles started as I got home at the end of the day)... I might be getting smarter... we'll see! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Hope you've had a great weekend!