The Tuxes

While we were in North Carolina, we took the guys and tried on the tuxes. It was fun. Jill tried on her bridesmaids dress as well. The girls will look great! So will the guys. Derek said that it was all so real to him now that he had tried on the tux. He said that he had talked with other girls before about getting married, but it never really meant anything. Now it means something because he knows we are really going to get married and he's taken another step towards that by getting fitted for the tux. He was so happy. He said that I looked so happy as well standing there taking pictures of him. I am so happy!! I can't wait to be his wife!

The vest is the vest and tie that the groomsmen will be wearing. D will be wearing an all white vest and tie. It's going to look so good!! The color looks a little off, but it is blue velvet.

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*~Puzzle~* said...

I can understand that. I think that when i go wedding dress shopping that it will really feel real. Congrats you two!