Christmas in North Carolina

This year was the first year that I was away from my family for Christmas. Of course, this has been the first year that I've had a very serious boyfriend that has wanted to take me home for Christmas. We left Tuesday, the 23rd, after I got off work and got to his mom's house around 12:30 or 1:00. It was freezing cold! It was hard to believe that the next morning when we went out it was considerably warmer than that night.
On the 24th, we spent some time with his mom and step dad then we went to his grandmother's house. Then we all went to his aunt's house where we had dinner and opened gifts. It was so much fun. I felt like I fit in like I had been doing that for years with them. I took lots of pics. I wasn't expecting a gift from anyone, but I got one from his grandmother. It was so cute. It was a butterfly necklace and a butterfly pin and a little wallet that had butterflies on it. Afterwards, we went and looked at some Christmas lights. Then we went to his brother's house to help put out Christmas presents for the kids. That was lots of fun. We then went and stayed at his aunt's house.
I had started to get sick with a cold by then. My throat was hurting. Christmas morning was great though. We opened presents with his aunt and her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. It was fun. She got a Wii. Later we rode around with his grandmother and visited some people. We also went and visited D's father's grave. It was sad. I almost started crying.
The rest of the time was fun. Here are some pics:

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