Color Coded Swap

I'm participating in a swap on that is a color coded swap where you partner sends you a package with things of a certain color. The color I wanted was blue. The person who send me a package, Melissa, seemed to know me and what I liked. The first thing I opened was duck tape. It was blue of course. I thought it was funny because you hear of "rednecks" fixing everything with duck tape. Well, I don't really consider myself a redneck, but I do live in the south so if there is ever a need for duck tape, I have some!!!

The others things included candle on a rope, some soap that looks like a rock of turquoise, a notebook with my first initial on it, some blue glitter pens, a Chinese lantern type thing, some flowers for scrapbooking, a small pad of scrap book paper, an artificial butterfly, and some stationary with some stickers. Oh and a scarf!!! The scarf is awesome!!!
And not only did I love the items, I loved the tissue paper that it was wrapped in. All the things were wrapped so it was like opening Christmas! It was wonderful!