November Cold

Two types of cold actually.... The cold that is outside and the cold that is trying to invade my body.
I love cold weather. I love it because you can always put on more clothes or wrap up in a blanket or snuggle up with someone. In the summer when its hot, its uncomfortable to do some of those things, unless you sleep in a wintery bedroom like some people do.
This morning, I was gathering my things to leave for work and realized that I had left my coat in the car yesterday. So I froze til I got to the car, then I put my coat on.... Well.... I froze some more. My coat has that lining in it that is smooth and cold if left in the car... yeah.
I'm just glad I don't live up north where it gets way way cold. Although it would be nice to have some good snow instead of just ice sometime. It hasn't snowed here, like really snowed, in a long time. Its been mush and ice. And almost not enough to not have to go to work. Maybe this winter will be different.

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