Cold Affects Everything!

This morning around 2:00 AM, I woke up to a dark room. And yet I still had a headache. I laid there for a little bit hoping it would go away. It didn't. Finally I got out from under the covers and headed to my parent's bathroom where I could find medicine. It was frigid in the house as I padded through. I got a cup of water and some crackers and got back under the covers. I turned on the tv and munched on some Ritz crackers. After a few crackers, I took the ibuprofen that I had and lay back down. I went back to sleep. At 7:50 this morning when I absolutely had to get up for work, I still had a headache. UGH!
So, in my painfully sick state of mind, I got out of bed, got dressed and headed out to my car. It was covered in frozen dew. I hate that. I got in and turned on my car. It wasn't warming up as fast as I wanted it to. I had one small place in the windshield where I could see out. Luckily I live out in the country where there isn't much traffic at all until I get to the highway. So I went on. Slowly my car heated up. I got behind someone on my road. Apparently they were having the same problem because she stopped at the stop sign at the highway, got out with her ice scrapper and did her windshield. I had no problem with that because I was letting my car still warm up. So I was fine with waiting before I got onto the highway.
So we finally pulled onto the highway. Everything was good. The ice was melting off my windshield at a pretty good rate now. I got through the four-way stop and was on my way down the highway between my town and the one I work in. Usually, at the church on the outside of my town, there is a cop that sits there. Apparently he wasn't there this morning because he probably would have caught me. I wasn't paying attention if he was there or not. I was zoned out. My head hurt, I'm sick. I wasn't paying attention. So then, I looked down to see just how fast I was going and my odometer said 90! WTH! I knew I wasn't going that fast. I blinked my eyes and looked again and sure enough it said 90. No way! I slowed down to what felt like about 45 mph but it still said 70. I thought my car was messing up. I finally got to a church that had a parking lot that I could pull into. I pulled in, shut off my car and called my dad. The odometer still said 25. I was sitting still!!! lol. My dad didn't know what could be wrong other than the cold. So I turned my car on again and it went down to 20. I turned my car on and off until it was down to 0. So I started again and pulled out onto the highway. It started working fine then.
So this morning, I guess I wasn't the only thing that the cold was affecting and didn't want to work!

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