The Decency of Humans Dwindles to Nothing

Having just got back from lunch, reading this story was absolutely sickening. The fact that a mother could let her child starve to death, deny her medical care and stop another child from calling an ambulance just goes to show the the decency of the human race is absolutely horrendous.
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I don't even have a child, but I could never even think of letting a child starve to death. I just don't see how these people let it go. They could see, those who actually went to the house, what was happening to this child! They enabled that sick-in-the-head mother to kill her child.
Why would someone do that?

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*~Puzzle~* said...

That's such a sad story. It's sickening really how she was not taken away from the mother. It was obvious to so many people she was being neglected.