Financial Stress

So to expand on my stress from yesterday, today I have a tension headache from it. The headache has made me sick, twice. And I've struggled with getting rid of the headache and tension. Note: Ice helps when applied to tension stricken areas.

So, the financial stress yesterday, was caused by my own lack of saving money. While I had a little saved, I used that to get my car fixed when it messed up the other week. I have known that the bridesmaids dresses were finished and that I needed to pay for my dress and accessories. This week though, I have to pay my car payment which barely leaves me enough to pay for gas.
Yesterday afternoon, I got on MSN Money and looked through the many articles on debt and saving and debt reduction and budgeting. I hope to be able to put some of those practices into practice so as to reduce my debt.
If anyone has suggestions on ways to make money besides a second job, or ideas on debt reduction, please feel free to share!

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*~Puzzle~* said...

Yes I'm in the process at the moment of trying to cut out unnecesary expenses. Way too much of my fortnightly income is tied up in expenses. I want to cut cut cut. I wish so much that I hadn't signed up for a 2 year mobile phone plan and a 2 year wireless internet(that doesn't even work). I'm trying to figure out ways to get out of these as it would save me so much money. Well all I can say is trust God and keep trying to save money. The more savings the better.

Maybe you could even get a credit card when times are tough. Just be very careful that you don't go crazy and only spend it if you really need it and pay it back as soon as you can. I fell into the credit card trap but I've learnt my lesson.