Cat Rescuer

I failed to tell this story on Tuesday so here it is.

I don't know if I've said, but our cat had kittens a couple of weeks back. One day she had bulging sides and the next she didn't. I look everywhere outside for the sign of any kittens. None. I assumed they were under the house. Well, days passed. No kittens. Then a couple of weeks. No kittens. My mom had finally decided that the horrid fire ants had taken the kittens.
Last week, one morning, I was up and about to leave to go to take Derek to work. I heard my daddy on the back porch. I then heard a cat screech. I thought he was just playing with our grown cat. My mom then informed me later that morning when I woke up again to get ready for work that we had kittens! Four in fact! I went out on the back porch. I only saw 2.
That afternoon, I saw the other two and immediately fell in love with the one that is colored like my chihuahua Toby. The funny thing is that Toby likes to hump and molest the cat so I think it's ironic that the cat ended up having a kitten that looks like him.
So on with the story. Derek wanted a kitten so I told him I'd like him to have the one that looks like Toby. That's the one he chose. Well, Sunday night, I took the kitten to Derek's house. We had a carrier for it and everything. That night it stayed in the carrier. Bad idea. It crapped all in the carrier. Nasty.
Monday night, I told Derek to just fix the litter box and leave her in the bathroom with the door shut so she could get used to using the litter box. I'm proud of the kitten. She's learned to use the box within 2-3 days. In the bathroom, there is an air vent. Derek doesn't use the air conditioning in that house, only a window unit. So I just through the towels over the vent because there was not a cover on the vent.
Tuesday morning as I'm leaving for Derek's house, he calls and tells me that the kitten has fallen in the vent into the air duct. CRAP! He said that the kitten had been resting on top of the towels I put over the vent when he flushed the toilet. When he did that, the kitten got scared and somehow fell into the vent. I rushed over. He's on the phone outside with his boss to let him know he may be late but Boss wouldn't pick up. He came back inside to the bathroom where I went.
When I had entered the bathroom, I saw the kitten's head and her paw where she was trying to climb out but she couldn't quite make it. She fell. So Derek got the laser pointer that he discovered she like to play with and try to get her to come out. She started climbing up again. She was where I could grab her so I went for it. She fell again. I was getting sad at this point. Derek walked out to try his boss again. As he walked out the door, the kitten climbed up again. That time I was able to grab her head and leg and pull her out.
I yelled "I've got her!!" Derek informed his boss and hung up. So since it was my fault for not having stuffed the vent like Derek said, I took a towel and stuffed it down into the vent. I then took a board and put over that and placed the towels on top of the board. She hasn't gotten in the vent since.
So, I put the cat in peril and then saved her life. How funny is that.


*~Puzzle~* said...

Kittens are cute. I remember when we got our cute. I will have to get a photo of her and post it. I love your new template layout by the way. It looks great. And in answer to your question on my blog PA is Personal Assistant. Do you work in law?

*~Puzzle~* said...

lol...sorry just read your thing where it says your a