Class of 2008

**This is my 500th post!! WOO HOO!**

Last night, I attended my graduation ceremony. I am officially a college graduate!
This is how it went down...
I left work at lunch time so I could get Derek and get him home to get dressed and what not. We went to my house afterwards so I could grab my gown and change clothes. I didn't like the fact that they were having it on a Thursday to begin with, but then I had to get off work early because the graduates had to be there at 4:30. WHY? We didn't do anything until about 5:30.
So I left my house around 3:15 cause it takes about 40 minutes to get to the place we were graduating, from my house. I got to the city. There was no where to park! NO WHERE! ...well almost. There was courthouse parking across from the Classic Center, but I didn't realize that it was public parking as well. Finally I decided to pull in and see if I could park. So after being frustrated, I found a parking spot. I went in the building and found some people I had had classes with. We took a few pics... I should have taken my camera in.
So during the ceremony..... you would think, being college graduates, people would be dignified and make the ceremony a classy event. WRONG! There were a couple of people that were foolish. There were a few girls that waved going across stage. Then there was one guy, when they called his name, he unzipped his gown and started walking like a thug. Come on! Act your age people. Act dignified. Act like you have some sense.
Then there was another guy. He was complete THUG. He walked up the stairs with a thug strut then he got his diploma and was holding it up patting his chest with his hand like " look at me... I got a degree in thugology". I mean come on. I'm not being racist, but act like you have some sense! Other than that it went off without a hitch.
So yay!! I'm a graduate!

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