Plus-sized Beauty Queen? Mission NOT-Impossible.

This morning after my daily fix of blogs, I came across an article of a plus-sized could be beauty queen. Chloe Marshall. She's 176 pounds and OMG (some would say) a size extra large. In March 2008, she was crowned Miss Surrey, just another step closer to becoming Miss England. The competition for Miss England will be in June. Chloe is a very confident young woman.

I think that because she has taken the initiative to put herself out there, this will encourage other girls her size to be more confident about themselves. Her very outgoing personality is an inspiration and encourages me to actually do something and not be afraid because of my weight and size.

The stigma placed on young girls today to be stick thin is absolutely ridiculous. Magazines publish articles about losing weight fast and being thin. Those crash diets just aren’t healthy! If people would actually do their research about diets, they would realize it’s not healthy.
So, having a plus-size beauty queen to me in absolutely not impossible. In fact, I hope that she makes it to the Miss Universe pageant. Then perhaps more light would be shed on the fact that the media needs to stop pushing you-have-to-be-thin-to-be-beautiful stigmas on the women of the world.


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