The New Beau

So I have been incredibly slack in my blogging here lately. There has been so much happen too!! Let me begin with November 26. Richard, the assistant youth pastor at my church, hosts a Monday Night Football gathering at church where we watch the game on the big screen. Well, the night I'm speaking of, I had decided not to wear any makeup. The guy I was interested in, that I had been trying to get to come, wasn't coming. So I thought, what the heck, I'm not going to impress anyone. So that night, I walk down the stairs into the basement, which we call The Pit, and there he was. I immediately thought to myself "how U doin?!" LOL. I said hey to Richard who was fiddling with his computer. He didn't take the time to introduce me to his guest.
Normally, being the somewhat shy one that I am, would not introduce myself to a new handsome specimen of the male gender. That night, I did. I politely held out my hand and said "Hey. I'm Keri." And suddenly the angels began singing... lol.. not really, but it was an instant connection. His name is Derek.
That night, I knew there was something different about Derek. I was instantly attracted to him. Throughout the night though, it appeared to me that he was paying more attention to a friend of mine that was there. I shrugged it off as the pretty girl always gets the guy. Then he got on the phone and when he was about to hang up he said "sweetie" so I immediately thought "great... and there is a girlfriend." Afterwards, we went to eat at the Huddle House. There were a few more things said that made me think he had a girlfriend. When we were done eating, I asked my friend to walk outside with me. I didn't want to sit there and listen to him talk about working on getting engaged and what not. But I still was intrigued by this new man.
The next night, we went to feed the homeless in Athens. Again, there he was. I am the photographer when we go. So Derek came and stood with me because Richard and I were the only ones he really knew. So he tagged along with me. When we left, we went and ate. Instead of sitting with the group, Derek and I sat off by ourselves, something I totally did not have planned. It just happened. So as we were eating, Derek opened up to me and told me his testimony of where he had come from and how God had changed his life. I was in awe that he felt he could share that with me and honored at the same time that he did. When we got back to the church, we cleaned up and what not. Then Derek walked me to my car. He said he had had a good time and gave me a hug. I chatted with him later online and he admitted that he was very attracted to me and really liked me. I then found out that he did not have a girlfriend.
The next night was church. He came with Richard. Instead of going into the youth with Richard, he said he wanted to go with me to the Singles class. So that is just what we did. That night, he rode the church van with me carrying the kids home. We got back and had to wait for Richard. While we were waiting, he told me a little more about himself. When Richard got back, we went to the Huddle House. We sat and chatted and ate and had a good time. When we got back, Richard got out, but Derek sat in my car and looked at me. He told me he had had a great time. And it happened. He kissed me. He blames me for the kiss being on the lips. He said he was going for my cheek but that I move at the last second and we kissed on the lips. Its quite humorous now. He asked if we were a couple. I said sure. And we've been together ever since. He says it was love at first sight. I wasn't a big believer in that before that Monday night. But I am now.
Derek is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He is the sweetest! He does little things that lets me know how much he cares. He cooks for me when he has the chance. My mom likes him which means even more to me. He had enough respect for my mom's wishes to take out his earrings. He wants to make her happy which makes me happy. And we lived happily ever after.... :)

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cameo said...

Oh Keri, I'm so happy for you! I haven't been able to read your blog because the background made the words wash out, but I'm thrilled for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!!