He's great!

Yesterday, me, Derek (my boyfriend) and Sasha went to eat and go to Walmart after church. Well, we were back at the photo department in Walmart. Derek says that he had left his disposable camera in the car that he needed to get developed. I give him my keys and he goes on his way out.
I begin thinking to myself that he had been gone and unusually long time just to go to the car and back. So He comes back in finally and we deposit the camera.
We get a few more things and head to the checkout. We walk outside, he still has my keys. He pops the trunk to put the bags in there and pulls out this bouquet of flowers! He makes me so happy!!! He sneaky but he's wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! I remember when my hubby used to get me flowers. *sniff* They try so hard when you're dating, but once they get the ring on your finger, it's just not the same!