What a day!!!

Ugh... that's all I want to say is Ugh...
But I'll go on and tell you about my day so far. This morning, around 5:30, the home phone rang. My dad was already up cooking his breakfast and getting ready for work. He answered. There was no one on the other end. Five minutes later, the phone rang again. Once again, no one. So when I got up at 7 I asked my mom who is was. She said she didn't know but that my dad's cell phone had went off at around 2 a.m. also. It was strange...
So I'm not going to tell all the wonderful details of my morning for i do not wish to gross you out. I got dressed and fixed my breakfast. On the way to work, I decided that I wanted an apple fritter from the Inlges near my work. God Bless those ladies who make those things.... THEY ARE DIVINE! I bought Beth one also. But I also bought some fudge and a diet cherry coke and some Midol (that might explain the gross part of the morning ;) ) So I headed on to work.
Once we were all settled in and I had went to the bank, Beth asks if I'm ready to work. Yes I already knew that we were going to be out on the property cleaning out units and what not, but no. I was not ready to work. But I got up and we went out and cleaned and put locks on some of the empty units so people would stop putting their freakin trash in them.
When we were finished, we came back in. By this time, I was pouring with sweat and was tired. I am still tired. I could go home and sleep til tomorrow morning probably. *Yawn*
Later peeps!

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JOY said...

Sounds like you had "one of those days"!

At least tomorrow can only get better - that is a good way to look at it and of course the weekend is just around the corner! YIPPEEE

Have a good one and hope you are able to relax and have some fun!