I was listening to my normal radio station on the way to work this morning and they were wanting people to call in and tell them about other quirky people that they work with. So this lady calls in and said that she was the quirky one at her workplace. She is a germophobic. She said that she wants her feet to feel clean all day too so she will take a clorox wipe and wipe her open toed shoes of the dirt. Her co-workers pick at her about it sometimes. She said that if she hears someone is sick that she will start taking that stuff called Airborne...
After her story, Kevin, one of the DJ's said that he also was a germophobic but Taylor, the female DJ, told him he wasn't. He asked why she thought that. She said although he had had a hand sanitizer installed, he wasn't a true germophobic because he was always rubbing his eyes and that's how you usually get sick is by transferring the germs.
I think I can be germ conscious sometimes, but I'm just usually only a freak about washing my hands.... :P

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cameo said...

When I used to work, I was the Germaphobe at the office. I used to Clorox my desk several times a day, use Germ-X like crazy and would clean the bank deposit bag. Plus one thing I was OBSESSIVE about, was I had "customer pens" and "my pens". When I'm out and about, I still use only my pens, and not those grody pens anyone can use.