What is happening to our world?

This morning as many of you probably already know, the most deadly shooting spree in U.S. history took place at Virginia Tech. 32 people lost their lives and 21 more were injured. This is a sad day for those families and that school. We should all take a moment and pray for the families and friends of those injured and those who perished under gun fire.

Lord God, you are a mighty God, an all knowing God. For some reason unknown to us, you have allowed these events to come to pass. I pray God that those who don't know you would have their eyes opened today to the fact that as quickly as you give us life, it can be taken away. Please be with the families and friends of those who were involved. Please have your will in their lives. Grant them peace, Lord. Some may turn to you while others turn their back. Please show them your love and compassion. We don't understand your plan. We only see the small snapshot of your great plan. You got the whole thing out in front of you. Be with all involved. I pray these things in Christ's name. AMEN.