This Weekend

This weekend was a blast! On Friday of course my mom and I went and saw the reaping. Saturday, I had to work from 9-4, but then Jen, Nancy, Savannah, and I went and ate Chinese. It wasn't raining before we went in but when we got ready to leave, it started pouring rain. So we decided to walk next door to the show store. Jen bought 3 pair of shoes and a little Dora bag for Savannah. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes because they were really really cute but I don't have anything brown to wear them with and I wasn't going to buy them and then have to go find some clothes to go with them.
So then we went into the dollar store there beside the shoe store and looked around. They dared me to try on this little top that would show off my shoulders and cleavage. I wouldn't even come out of the dressing room! They heard me laughing at myself when I looked in the mirror. It was so funny...
So then we went back to Jen's house and Savannah put on a dance show for us. Then she got Jen and Nancy to get up with her so I took video with my camera. It was great fun.

Then on sunday, they wanted me to go to a birthday party for Maleah. She's the daughter of the woman we worked with at the motel, Kendra. It was at a skating rink. That was fun. I didn't skate cause I didn't want to break my leg, but Nancy did. And Savannah finally skated. It was wonderful fun!


cameo said...

You should have bought the shoes!! A woman can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes. That's a rule I live by. That and purses. And clothes. And makeup. Hell, a woman can never have too much ANYTHING!!!

Keri said...

LOL this is true... I might just go back and get them. I'm a shoe and bag freak! I told my mom it was my fetish ;) lol