Prayer Answered

Well... I got an answer to my prayer about the job. It wasn't the one I wanted, but now I've just gotta keep looking. Yesterday, i was sitting here waiting for the lawyer to call me. He never did. Finally when I was checking my email, I looked in my junk-email box and there it was. An email from him telling me they had filled the position. He wasn't even a big enough man to call and tell me that I didn't get the position. Oh well though. Life goes on.
So I told my friend Jennifer and she told me that they still needed an assistant manager at the storage facility in Commerce. So I told her that I was about to send my resume out to another firm and that if that didn't work out I would tell her and she'd tell the other lady about me. My chances with this law firm might not be good though because they want you to have experience with some sort of transactions that i don't have experience with. But who knows.
Well... I'm off to go do some things before work. Bye!


JOY said...

Things happen for a reason Keri! Am sure the job would have sucked anyway.

He should have the decency to call you though.

Good luck with the job hunting.

Tee said...

Maybe this job was not for you....but I think a call should have been made by the guy instead of an e-mail.

I hope you get the position you want real soon.

cameo said...

You WILL get the RIGHT job.