Last night at work, I called that lawyer because he hadn't called me. Well, I found out why. He had been out of the office all day. So the woman told me that he had court this morning and wouldn't be in until after lunch time. So i was going to wait and call at lunch time, but I thought maybe I'd catch him before court. So I called at about 9:30. He wasn't there.. :( So I left a message with the secretary. She said that he would get back with me as soon as he got in, but I think I'll still call around lunch time or so.
This whole ordeal has just put my stomach in knots! I was eating breakfast (from chick filet...mmm....) and I could barely eat because my stomach was bothering me so. Now I'm chilling out here in the parking lot to the library. I like watching people and you see some of the strangest things when you sit and watch people. Like just now.... This man was getting his kid out of the car. The guy looked just like my ex-b/f. Thank God it wasn't.
Well...I think I'm gonna go by the pet store and see what kind of puppies they have, then I think I'm gonna go by the bank...then go home and chill. Well....later!

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