I got my new camera!

My dad decided to get me a new camera. He said that the only condition for me getting the camera was that I had to take pictures of the puppies that are born and keep his website updated. (www.labsandjacks.com)
So anyway.. .the camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot (DSC-H5). It's kinda like the camera I was using, but it's better. It's great. I love it.


cameo said...

Yay for you! My sister just got that camera about a month ago and loves it! I'm thinking of getting it myself.

Demon23... said...

Technology is fun... not as fun as reading my blog. wait, I am lying.

You have nice little blurps and well written posts. Mine, well by comparison would not give my blog due suckage.

We will just say that English Majors be damned and their eyes.

Dig the quote of the day jazz... rock on with that.

JOY said...

Good for you - who is a spoilt girl then?

I'm nipping over to your dads website now.

Looking forward to seeing some pics.