First Day

Today was the first day on my new job. When I was on my way there, I thought I was getting lost because I didn't remember some of the places on the road. Well, I got a little closer there and finally came to the road I needed to be on. I was on time though. I watched my new boss take in some payments, she did a new rental. Later, after lunch, we got out the golf cart and did a "walk thru" which is basically checking every unit to see if the person has vacated or if they are still there and to lock those that are way past due. So anyway... we did a few other things, but that was about it. I really like it.


cameo said...

So happy you like your new job! Hopefully it will continue to go well and you will be very happy there.

cameo said...

Oh, thanks for changing the background, too. Now I can read your blog again!

JOY said...

Gosh you seem to have fallen on your feet Keri!

Seems like a dream job!

Good for you - I hope you continue to enjoy your work!