Catching Up

So I haven't really been posting the last couple of days. I just haven't really felt like blogging. So, I've given up totally on Art. I think that if he really wanted to see me like he said, that he would at least call me more. I know his grandmother passed not too long ago, but he seemingly isn't making any effort here. And another thing that has made me give up on him is that a friend of mine is back from Afghanastan. Kenny. He is the man I should have dated 2 years ago instead of my ex, Jason. He got back about a week ago. I've talked to him almost every day. After all the time that's passed since I first started talking to him, he says he still likes me.
Another thing that I really like about Kenny is that he will listen to me. The other night, we were talking on the phone and got to talking about my wreck. He asked if I was over it. I told him I was doing ok. We kept talking about it and I started crying. He said that I wasn't over it. I told him I wanted to talk about something else but he said that I needed to talk about it because it obviously still bothered me and that I needed to get my emotions out. So he sat there and listened to me cry on the phone.
So anyway, Kenny is on myspace and he has this woman named Susan on his friends list. Well, she thinks for some reason that I am in a competition with her. For example, when kenny got back, I added him to my friends list. So I started leaving him comments. I started noticing that if I left one she would leave one. So one day I left 3 then she left 4. I was like ok... I'm not doing this. Eventually, she sent me a message. It said that she and Kenny were going to try a relationship and she wanted to say hello to all his friends. Kenny lives in Ga about 3 hours from me while Susan lives in Michigan. See the problem? So I called Kenny and asked him if that was true. He told me no. Then he told me that I was making her jealous and she thought that Kenny and I were already in a relationship. Well why in the hell is she sending me a message that says that if she thought that? To make me mad. I told Kenny that I wasn't even going to justify her message with a response. So this 30something year old woman is trying to compete with me... an almost 22 year old woman. Come on woman. Be a little more creative.
Well, I'm a little tired. I'm going to go take a nap.


Tee said...

I hope she figures it out soon. I am glad that you didn't entertain her seems like that is what she wanted you to do. She has to grow up!!!!

cameo said...

Keri, I can't read your blog very well with the background. Sorry!

JOY said...

Keri I am having trouble reading your blog too with the background behind the text!

I highlighted it to be able to read it and think I have the jist of this post.

Kenny sounds lovely - I am so happy you have found him again!

You will have to keep us posted as to how things are moving along.