Yesterday was a good day despite the weather. I went to work at LA Foods in produce. I usually stay until about 11:30 or 12, but Jamie Ragle (the guy beside the woman in the pic) was preaching and I didn't want to miss it. Yesterday was the first day of revival and my church. That man is so funny!!! OMG! He's going to be there through Tuesday night. I hope I am able to go tonight. But that's another story. So I left LA Foods at about 10. I went over to the Sleep Inn that is in Lavonia and filled out an application in hopes that I could get a full time job there. Well, the manager was there. He said that he was hiring because he was having to work. I thought to myself 'GREAT!'. Well, we started talking and he saw that I worked at Dill's. I was having a hard time understanding what he was saying because he is Indian and had a thick accent. I also told him that I knew Carol ("Bulldog") and he asked if I was still in touch with her and I told him no that I haven't talked to her since the day that I left the motel. I have a few choice words I'd like to say to her but I'll just keep them to myself.
So I left there and went home. Luckily I live like 1 minute from the church. So I rushed home in the pouring rain and changed clothes. My hair was a mess from the rain but I don't think anyone cared but me. :P
I got behind Shanna pulling in the parking lot so we walked in together under my tiny umbrella. We went and sat in our normal spot. It was really crowded in the sanctuary. We sang and then listened to Erica Branch sing. Personally, I don't really like her voice. I mean, don't get me wrong, the woman can sing. But just the sound of her voice.. it reminds me of Cher. Then the drama team got on stage. They are awesome. They danced to a quick paced song. I know I could probably dance like that if I wanted, but I'll just leave that to them. They do such a great job.
So then Jamie preached. His jokes are so funny. "PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON!" He would get serious every once in a while but then go back to jokes :P He so passionate about the things that he preaches. He says what other people won't say.
So we didn't get out until about 1. Then we went home, had some lunch. We had left ver tortilla soup and pizza. I know.. what a weird combo. It was good stuff though! And what was so funny was mama was the one who put the pizzas in the oven. Well... lol... I got them out and mama was attempting to cut them. She said "Evidently I'm not pressing hard enough to cut through the crust." So I tried and picked up the edge of the pizza and saw her problem. She hadn't taken the pizzas off the cardboard that they come on! LOL It was so funny. Then daddy asked if we had squeezed all the carbs out. We said yeah that they were soaked up into the "carb"-board. LOL Great day....After lunch I took about a 2 hour nap. Then I got up and got ready for church.
Last night, the preaching was even better. Of course he joked, but then he told us two different stories. One was of a 27 year old guy who had gotten off Meth and had been clean for 51 days. He had gotten saved. Well, not too long after that, he told his mom about the headachs that he was having and how bad they were and that his vision was blurred. I knew when he said that, what it was. The doctors told him that he had a tumor the size of a baseball in his brain and it had attached to the brain stem. The doctors told him that he was eaten up with cancer all over his body.The boy asked him mom why God had allowed that after he had gotten clean and saved. She said she didn't know. Jamie had met this boy and they prayed over him and annointed him with oil and asked God's healing on him. God is the most high Jehovah Rafah! The next time the guy went to the doctor, they were not able to find any cancer in his body. I was in awe. But even in my own church, there was a woman who had some kind of something on her foot that turned out to be cancerous. She wrote a letter to Satan and read it in the church. She said that either way, she was going to win weather it be God healed her or she died and went to heaven. Long story, short, she was healed of that.
So onto the next story. He said that he was at a church one time and the back door opened. He said a girl walked in. She was frail looking. Looked as though she was about to freeze. She had on a small white sweater and everytime she laughed, she covered her mouth and lowered her head. Jamie said that one time she didn't get her mouth covered and let out a loud laugh and he saw why she was covering her mouth. He bottom teeth were rotting out. She was bulimic. She had been puking herself. He said that he was going to go up to her after the service just to love on her, but she came to him first. She said "I have a question." He said "what's your question honey?" She removed the sweater and asked "Do you think God can help me?" She had scars from where she had cut herself. She was not only bulimic but also a self mutilator. Jamie said "No. I don't THINK God can help you. I know that I know that I know that he can."
So needless to say, we had church yesterday! It was awesome. The reason I hope I'm able to go is because, my boss asked if I wanted another day on my schedule. I was like sure and he told me to call him when I got out of class this afternoon. I'm hoping that he says I can work on Thursday and not today. I'm going to mention that to him and hope he can work something out. So anyway. Have a great day!!!

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