New Year Resolution/Intentions for 2007

So I got the intentions part from Sizzle. Some of the following may turn out to be just things I intend to do. Some of them are just things that I want to do and things that I need to do.. mostly around the house. So here we go.
1. Get a new job (thought that was going to be soon but it's not)
2. Lose weight(about 100lbs: which I know won't all be in 1 year)
3. Save money (one of the hardest thing for me to do)
4. Get credit cards paid off (get that done when I get the check from my wreck)
5. Read 25+ books (just to expand my mind)
6. Clean out closet (and give the things I don't use to Goodwill)
7. Payoff computer (i need to start making payments...)
8. Shred all the Credit card applications I have and get (already shredded the ones I have.. And the ones I got in the mail today and yesterday)
9. Go to church as much as I can
10. Start doing my quiet time again
11. Read the whole Bible
12. keep in touch w/ friends better (I've let some get away from me)
13. Redesign my blog
14. Expose my blog to more people
15. Make A's in my classes
16. Pay off as much of my car as possible
17. Keep up with current events better (watch the news, read more articles, etc.)
18. Don't eat out as much
19. Give blood as often as possible (I'm going monday!)
20. Get over my wreck (i've been thinking about it too much)
21. keep my email box clean
22. start walking more
23. get off caffine (I've been doing good so far.. the headaches are killing my though.)
24. Drink more water
25. Work on my scrapbooks
26. Take MORE pics
27. Learn to cook more of a variety of foods
28. Organize my room
29. Be more of an encourager to people
30. Find new hairstyles that i can do myself
31. Try to stop drinking carbonated drinks
32. Keep checkbook balanced (it's balanced right now :) )
33. Keep Resume up to date
34. Get all the addresses and phone numbers of friends and family
35. Learn CSS
36. Stop procrastinating (carried over from last year)
37. Send more cards.

So these are the things so far that I'm working on. Some more than others. Wish me luck!


Some Guy said...

Wow, that's an impressive list...

What are you doing to stick to it and make sure it doesn't become "just another New Years resolution" that goes out the window by mid January?

Journey Through Divorce

Keri said...

I made the list things that I can do, that are possible for me to do. Some may be hard, but they are possible.

cameo said...

Good luck to you!!! I know that you can do every single one of them! Also glad you had a nice day in Athens the other day.